Wednesday, March 17, 2010

S&W Session Journal: Into the Temple

The party got up very early to head down to the harbor. They’d made arrangements with the harbormaster who'd located some fishermen who were willing to take the group across the river. There, they would climb the hill to the deserted temple.

On their way, a large young man, perhaps only 16 or 17 years old, jumped out in front of them. He apologized for possibly startling them, and relayed how he’d overheard his father, the harbormaster, telling his mother about their group of “idiots” and their plan. Having been called an idiot (and worthless layabout) himself many times by his father, he wished to join them in this minor expedition. He hoped to make some quick money and move out, and show his father he wasn't useless. The group talked about it a bit, worried that they might get into trouble somehow if they took him, but as he begged and pleaded, and showed that he'd brought a spear and some padded armor, they agreed to allow him to come along.

During the river crossing, this new party member (“Chuck”) was observed having a minor disagreement with one of the boat’s crew. They reached the other side of the river in short order, and departed after making an agreement about how and when they were to be picked up again. They then made their way up the trail that led to the abandoned temple.

They saw that the one large entrance had been barred from the outside. This was easy to undo, after they first listened to see if they could hear anything. They opened the door and watched as swirling mists inside escaped and eventually allowed clear sight in. There was an altar, very plain, as well as four doors in sight. They entered one of the very small rooms, and came upon two skeletons sitting upon stools across from one another, one with a large book beneath it. The skeletons became animated and attacked.

Chuck and Frederick (Wagstaff’s new henchman) had of course been placed at the front of the party, and both were very seriously wounded before the two dwarf brothers smashed the skeletons to pieces. The book was very heavy and undecipherable. Agnal the Chaotic examined it briefly and said that it made him feel mildly sick somehow.

Another room was explored which appeared to be a supply room for the regular services that must have at one time occurred. There were a number of hymnals as well as about a dozen candles, which the party took. One was lit, and the party continued exploring.

An empty room with stairs leading down was entered, and the party followed them to the basement. The candlelight was insufficient, and a torch was lit. A door at the bottom led to a long and wide hallway, whose sides were adorned with giant tapestries. At one time these had held images, but now they were burnt and beyond interpretation. Agnal discovered a sword, hidden in a secret niche behind one of the tapestries, inscribed with a name.

Taking this, they proceeded to another door at the end of the hallway, and after hearing nothing behind it, again forced it open revealing another long hallway, similar to the first. Four skeletons were seen inside, all huddled together as though in prayer, holding unlit green candles. They became animated seconds after the light fell upon them, and began approaching the party menacingly.

I’d been drinking before tonight’s session, having been out for sushi beforehand and was pretty well soaked in soju. Unfortunately, this has made some of the details a bit hazy for me - I don’t look forward to having to ask for some reminders, but I can't say I regret any part of the dinner. :)


christian said...

Did being hammered have anything to do with that poor bastard Chuck being stuck at the front of the party? Heartless I tell you, heartless!!!!


Rusty said...

Awww...poor Chuck.

ze bulette said...

lol - no no, I DM the S&W games - It wasn't my idea to shove poor Chuck in front of everyone! I'm a compassionate player. :D

Don Snabulus said...

I enjoy reading about these adventures. Keep it up!

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