Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Capricorn and Aries, Hanging out Playing Aquarius

A quick game's winning "hand" pictured above.

My wife and I are taking it easy, getting ready for "church" (what we call going out for sushi, begging your pardon if need be) with some cocktails and playing a little card game I picked up at the FLGS called Aquarius. I'm pretty sure it was Timeshadows that mentioned this on her blog quite a while back - I mentally bookmarked it and only got around to buying it recently. It's very simple and pretty fun, the cards' graphics are very clean and eye pleasing. 'The one with the longest hair goes first.'


Timeshadows said...

--Yes, indeed.

We find that there are too many Action Cards in a two-player game, and pull-out about half of them.

May you have many enjoyable games of it. :)

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