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Index of Adventures in Knockspell & Fight On! Magazines, Part Two

This is part two of an index of Knockspell and Fight On! magazine adventures. The first part was Knockspell, and Fight On! follows here below. These aren't reviews of course, they're just a resource list. Anyone play any of these? Please feel free to comment with corrections or information, I wanted to keep it brief but helpful.

Fight On! #1:

“The Ruined Monastery” by James Maliszewski, p.7
A small (14 room) dungeon crawl for 1st level characters.

“The Tomb-Complex of Ymmu-M’Kursa” by Gabox Lux, p.12
No level recommendation, monster hit dice ranges up to 12. Dungeon crawl.

“Nature’s Nasty Node” by Makofan, p.20
For levels 4-7. A Wilderness Encounter/Mini-Adventure with tower and cave (12 room total).

Fight On! #2:

“The Tower of Birds” by Gabor Lux, p.3
No level recommendation, but there are 19 HD 2+2 bird monsters. A tower in the desert beckons with the promise of water.

“The Darkness Beneath: The Upper Caves” by Hackman with Calithena and David Bowman, p.19
Low level dungeon crawl.

“The Red Gem of High Cartography” by Edsan, p.64
A quest for 2-6 3rd to 5th level characters.

Fight On! #3:

I just realized I don’t have a copy of this. I ordered one, but for now I know that there must be at least another contribution to the “Darkness Beneath” megadungeon.

Thanks to Terrex (see comments) for the following:

"Khas Fara: Village of Fear" by Jason Morningstar p.28
For lower powered characters (even 1st level).

"The Darkness Beneath: Spawning Grounds of the Crab-Men) by David Bowman p. 51
Third level of a megadungeon.

Fight On #4:

“House of the Axe” by Calithena, p.12
A large adventure for levels 4-10, centered on a house in a swamp and the dungeon below it.

"The Spring Temple of Ai" by Gabor Lux, p.42
Unspecified levels (monster HD from 1 to 7). A mini-adventure that takes place in a temple on a small island.

“The Tower of Duvan ‘Ku” by James Edward Raggi IV, p.46
‘Some easy money or perhaps a deathtrap masquerading as an adventure, for those who suffer the delusion that all adventure locations are meant to be solved.’

“Arcane Vault of Isis” by Matthew Riedel, p. 57
An adventure for “high to very high level” characters.

“Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer” by Geoffrey McKinney, p.70
Carcosa setting, wilderness and cave crawl. Unspecified levels, monster hit dice ranges up to 10.

“These Mean Streets” by Baz Blatt, p.79
Empire of the Petal Throne city adventure.

“The Darkness Beneath: The Mysterious Crystal Hemisphere” by James Maliszewski. Level 4 of a megadungeon crawl.

Fight On! #5:

“The Tomb of Ixtandraz” by Lee Barber.
For levels 4-6. A map leads to a tomb inside a mound complex, set in a marsh, tropical location, or by a river.

“Black Blood” by Gabor Lux, p.25
No level recommendation, although there is a 9th level magic user antagonist. Large building and dungeon crawl.

“A Giant Dilemma” by Frank Farris, p.50
For levels 2-4. Short, story driven cave adventure.

“The Barrow of Therex” by Erin “Taichara” Bisson, p.55
Low level minidungeon (4 rooms).

“Warren of the Troglodytes” by Calithena with David Bowman, p.67
Low level adventure in a trog den.

Fight On! #6:

“Hell Grave of the Tveirbrodur” by Jason Morningstar, p.9
A short tomb crawl, no level recommendation but the most powerful monsters are HD 5.

“The Tribe of Rorvash” by Erin “Taichara” Bisson, p.13
Low level minidungeon.

“Welcome Back to Slimy Lake” by Jeff Rients, p.18
Really a keyed hex map/mini-sandbox, but included here as it was the only fantasy genre “adventure” - it’s for use with Mutant Future.

“Blocks of Quox” by Tony Rosten, p.29
For 2-8 characters of levels 3-5. A mad illusionist’s dungeon.

“Stone Gullet” by Gabor Lux, p.46
Levels not given, probably 2-3. A short adventure based around and in a tower and garrison in the desert.

“The Darkness Beneath: The Lower Caves” by David Bowman, p.79
The fifth level of a megadungeon.

Fight On! #7:

“Legend of the Dullahan” by Matthew Riedel, p.3
A headless horseman roams the night.

“Temple of the Sea Demon” by Gabor Lux, p.9
Unspecified levels, but there is a 12 HD monster. A temple. Of a Sea Demon!

“Former Gnomish Caves” by Alex Schrӧeder, p. 25
Low level one page dungeon.

“Song of Tranquility” by Jerry Stratton, p.29
No level recommendation, but HD 5 to 8 monsters spotted. A shipwreck on a mountaintop.

“Beware of the Lord of Eyes” by Allan Grohe Jr., p.38
A dungeon crawl with a behold3r. ;)

“The Search for Lord Churisa” by Krista Donnelly, p.52
‘..non-canonical Tekumel adventure’ for 2-6 players.

“The Darkness Beneath: Fane of Salicia” by Lee Barber.
The sixth level of a megadungeon.

Phew! Knockspell index here.

Update: There's no way I can keep up with the FO! adventures, there's just too many in every issue. I'll still try to stay on top Knockspell for now.


Terrex said...

Thanks for posting this.

My players have made several forays into Fight On's "Darkness Beneath" mega-dungeon. They have ventured into the Upper Caves (FO! #2) and the Warrens of the Troglodytes (FO! #5). We've had a blast in these dungeons. For a tast of one of the sessions see here:

John said...

As the designer of Nature's Nasty Node, let me say that it is meant to be a simple Wilderness Encounter/Mini-Adventure rather than a Dungeon Crawl (calithena emailed me at the last minute and said he needed a wilderness adventure for the issue)

Melan said...

#4 also has The Spring Temple of Ai by yours truly. :) It was an adventure-heavy issue.

ze bulette said...

@Melan: Sorry about the oversight! Updated.

Terrex said...

Here's a list of the adventures in Fight On! #3

"Khas Fara: Village of Fear" by Jason Morningstar p.28
For lower powered characters (even 1st level).

"The Darkness Beneath: Spawning Grounds of the Crab-Men) by David Bowman p. 51
Third level of a megadungeon. 1st Place Winner of the Fight On!/Otherworld Miniatures Summer Adventure Contest.

(Note there are also three keyed locales presented in Judges Guild style:
Wilderlands Map 19: The Wild North by Robert S. Conley
Haghill by James Mishler
Inferno: The Fifth Circle by Geoffrey O. Dale)

ze bulette said...

@Terrex: Thanks for the info!

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