Thursday, March 11, 2010

OSRIC Session Journal: Climbing the Tower

The druid emerged from his meditation in the chambers beneath the circle of stones and announced that it would be fine if the group returned to the tower to finish the business it had there.

Returning to the tower, the first item of business was in removing the dead gnome’s body for a proper burial or burning. The party continued upwards and entered an empty room that had collapsed inward, perhaps from some kind of impact. Gladric was able to look outside and see higher up the tower. The group tied a rope around him, and he was able to scale the tower to the next balcony. Once there, he discovered a barred entrance to a chamber beyond the balcony. He could also see that the chamber's entrance from within the tower was also barred.

Ouze the Cleric was able to make it to the same level by being levitated there by Demurarg. He then was able to magically deduce that there was a trap of some kind at the entrance to the room they were able to observe, having something to do with a lever they’d spotted. They failed to bend the bars either through brute strength or with the polearm Ouze had borrowed and brought along, and in the end, they had to return to the lower level on the outside of the tower and consider a more direct approach. Hopefully the brief recon they were able to do will prove useful.

In writing this, I can’t believe this was all that was accomplished in three hours of role playing!


christian said...

About time you buried that poor gnome. ;)

ze bulette said...

You shamed me into it.

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