Monday, March 29, 2010

Eight Magic Torches

There are some players who will scoop up just about anything underground that seems useful. I'm usually one of them, but sometimes it's not wise to fool with Mother Dungeon...

Torch of Pointing

Although normal sized, this torch only illuminates 5’ in diameter when held upright. When pointed, it works as a spotlight, allowing the illumination of an area about 3 feet in diameter and 100 feet away. Although detail may not be able to be seen at such a distance, any such light will be brightly reflected from the eyes of any creatures with the ability to see in the dark, also marking them as potential missile weapon targets.

Stinking Torch:

A Stinking Torch functions normally for a turn before suddenly spewing out large smoky clouds of noxious yellow vapors in a 10’ radius. This causes d4 hp of damage to anyone in range (saving throw allowed), but otherwise should be treated as per the 2nd level magic user spell “Stinking Cloud”.

Hungry Torch:

This magically cursed torch consumes the rations of anyone within its area of illumination. It does so at a rate of 5 rations per turn (and will burn for 12 turns). Food directly illuminated by the light from such a torch will change in appearance to become hazy as if exuding heat before disappearing entirely - and be consumed at the rate of 5 rations per round. Anyone touching disappearing food will be burned and unable to hold onto it (or 1 hp/round of damage if it’s attempted), although this heat will not cause anything else to ignite.

Inextinguishable Torch:

This torch is otherwise normal but will burn for 24 hours straight and is completely inextinguishable, burning underwater, under extreme wind, or any other physical circumstance. It can be put out with a Dispel Magic spell (but may be relit and reused for as much time that remains from its initial use) or counteracted with a Darkness spell.

Black Cat Torch

D6 rounds after being lit, this cursed torch will begin brightly sparking, emanating extremely loud bangs and a great deal of smoke (treat as 2nd level Magic User spell “Pyrotechnics”).

Cowardly Torch:

This torch burns a very long time (12 hours) but immediately extinguishes itself if exposed to typical combat noise (such as weapons colliding against each other or armor).

Molasses Torch:

Anything within this torch's area of illumination will suffer movement and attacks at half speed, no saving throw allowed. If the entire party is within range, they won't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Torch of Blunting:

Any edged weaponry exposed to the light provided by this long lasting (six hour) torch will become dulled and -2 to hit/damage for the duration. Close examination of such weaponry (studied cleaning or sharpening) will reveal that no reflection in their metal can be seen in this torch's light. Otherwise it provides normal illumination.


Gothridge Manor said...

These are very cool. I especially like the first four which you can consider them stolen. Nice job.

biopunk said...


Unknown said...

I really like these (especially the cowardly torch).

squidman said...


Telecanter said...

Super. I think the Black Cat and Cowardly are my favorite, leave them lying around a treasure room and they become obstacles of the dungeon too. Thanks.

That Miss Veronica said...

I need a torch of Merciless Beating with which to pummel lazy henchmen when they fall asleep!

Anonymous said...

Weird, my post yesterday was a goddess of dungeons and deep places and one of the gifts she hands out are unextinguishable torches.

Sometimes I think that a strange wavelength reverbates through us all.

Other times, maybe not so much.

5stonegames said...

Cool. I can see using these as treasure in a low level game (though they'll be mostly obsolete by 3rd level or so when the M/U gets Continual Light)

ze bulette said...

thanks for the comments all -
@Christian: re: torch of beating: haven't I seen that somewhere before? a combo cleric mace and torch? :)
@ancientvaults: that's weird dude! I'm glad I posted mine at 12:07am on the same day as you so I can't be accused of intellectual property theft! :P
@5stonegames: yep, that's who these are for, those low level folks (hence the Stinking Torch with its minor d4 damage) who perhaps sometimes too indiscriminately clean out dungeons!

Rick Marshall said...

Great stuff. You made me laugh out loud. I'm adding the entire set to my ongoing reboot of B1, In Search of the Unknown. Thanks for the fun ideas.

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