Thursday, March 25, 2010

FLGS Score: Miniatures at Ancient Wonders in Tualatin, Oregon

I made my third ever trip to Ancient Wonders in Tualatin earlier this week. I have to head up to Portland on business several times a year and it’s not far out of my way. It’s a great store, with a lot of 1st and 2nd edition D&D books and modules. The prices range a bit, but are pretty much in line with what you can expect to buy them for on eBay (versus scoring a lucky auction win), although you’ll save on shipping and have the advantage of being able to examine the merchandise beforehand. I’ve been slowly replacing my long lost 1e module collection, but this time due to the aforementioned budget cuts, I only picked up two of them. I chose N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God and U1 The Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh.

On checking out, one of the owners asked if I’d found everything I wanted, to which I replied that my only problem had been narrowing down my choices. Then I asked if he had any old lead for sale, like 25mm preslotta stuff from Grenadier or Ral Partha. He said that he couldn’t sell any of that any longer due to regulations having to do with the lead content. But he asked me to hold on a minute while he looked in back to see if he had “any weird stuff”. He came back with a box of old Heritage 25mm lead miniatures. It was the “Level 4 & 5 Monsters” package from 1982, and was complete with inserts: monster descriptions, color guide, and the Heritage Introduction to Painting Miniatures sheet.

“Oh nice, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Stuff like that.”
“Well, I can’t sell them to you…But I can give them to you. Here ya go.”

The set turned out to be complete, with a few other random figures (a Grenadier cleric, unknown MU, what appear to be two homunculi, and an orc or goblin.

I thanked him and promised I’d spread the word, so here it is. Get over there and give them your money, they’re awesome folks! Thanks again Ancient Wonders.

By the way, in looking at the box cover, I found it interesting that Heritage neglected to mention the cockatrice therein. Hmmm. 1982 mind you.


Stefan Poag said...

Damn! That is awesome! Lucky you!

Timeshadows said...

Cool. :)

JDJarvis said...

I have that set. Well I'm sure the box is long gone but the miniatures from within have seen much use over the years.

Eli Arndt said...

I have one of those trolls someplace!!! :)

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