Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Map I've Been Playing Around With Lately

Prospective and current players, it should go without saying that I trust you will not download or look at this map. Please read no further.

This is another map I've been working on lately, there is a small kobold tribe which has recently taken up residence here and begun reworking the place. Previously it was a dwarven mine, the long passageways to the North running Northeast were following ore at one time. It was abandoned as structurally unsound, the underground water in particular becoming an impediment to the mining effort. The lake can be traversed leading to deeper levels.


Yesmar said...

I like it. It's got a good 'feel.' It reminds me of the old TSR caves & cavern geomorphs because of the angles of some of the tunnels. Nice job.

christian said...

Great map! I hope the party has a good time exploring it. :)

Lord Kilgore said...

Nice looking map!

ze bulette said...

Thanks, I've been really tempted to just use the computer but it was much more satisfying to use old fashioned colored pencils.

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