Saturday, March 6, 2010

Index of Adventures in Knockspell & Fight On! Magazines, Part One

I try to be prepared but sometimes players go in un- expected directions. Between this and being short on time, I've been using a lot of published material that I’ve reinterpreted or mashed up somehow. The other day I thought I'd look through my issues of Knockspell and Fight On! magazines to see what adventures they had to offer. Here’s a brief index starting with Knockspell Magazine below. I'll try to keep this updated, please feel free to correct any information or let me know if it needs attention. Anyone played any of these?

Knockspell 1:

“Isles on an Emerald Sea” by Gabor Lux, p.23

No explicit level recommendation, but there are two 7 HD monsters as well as a 15 HD roc amongst a number of other creatures. “A bare realm…where castaways have died in lament… yet those who are courageous enough and cunning may win free - and even gain treasure in the bargain.”

“Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent” by by Jeffrey P. Talanian, p.32

For 4-6 characters of levels 4-7. A Hyperborean themed dungeon crawl adventure involving a giant serpent and a necromancer.

Knockspell #2:

“Isles on an Emerald Sea, Part Two” by Gabor Lux, p.24

Presumably for the same levels or slightly higher of part one. Includes info. on the Isle of Barzon and the city-state of Skeir (pop. 600) as well as the Isle of Armul which is ruled by a vampire who resides in a tower there.

Knockspell #3:

“The Font of Glee” by Jason Sholtis, p.20

“Designed to be used as the inaugural adventure” for a party of 4-6 brand new 1st level PCs (and some henchmen/hirelings). A noblemen hires the party to clear an area of monsters.

“Labyrinth Tomb of the Minotaur Lord” by R. Lawrence Blake, p.39

For levels 3-5. Adventurers hear rumors of a magic relic that resides in a tomb ripe for looting. Dungeon crawl.

Knockspell #4:

"Beneath the Crossroads" by James Gervais
A roadside shrine with rat demon for levels 2-4.

"Isle on an Emerald Sea" by Gabor Lux
Continuation from previous issues, there is a 13HD monster but most are 3-4.

"Rats in the Walls" by Jeffrey P. Talanian
for 4-6 PCs of levels 1-3.

Next up, Fight On! (FO! index no longer being updated - too many!)


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