Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JG Cover: Book of Treasure Maps 1977

The cover to this "D&D approved" 1977 Judge's Guild publication features a photograph of what might now be interpreted as an early example of LARP. I think it's an interesting picture - partly because of its B&W charm and also because of the time it was taken (pre-Mazes & Monsters).

I'm happy to report that I've sold both the Tegel Manor and the Tradervale I'd posted about previously here. The Tegel went for $60 and the Tradervale for over $111, just in case you're wondering what off-eBay sales of these items are like these days. Between those and a few eBay sales of 2nd edition TSR modules, I'm now within a $100 of breaking even on the big Craigslist lot I bought some time ago. I still have a large number of 2E books and a few modules for cheap, as well as some early Grenadier/Ral Partha minis I'm looking to unload so let me know if you've interest.

In brief o.s. rpg news, Labyrinth Lord is moving towards another printing, sporting a new cover and some (minor?) rules revisions. The cover looks great! A far cry from the JG days pictured above... Still looking forward to Goblinoid Game's "Advanced Edition Characters", although there's no word as to when that will be available yet.


Don Snabulus said...

Good job on recouping your investment so far.

I remember the M&M movie. We laughed all the way through and mocked the acting for weeks afterward. Good times.

Glad to hear about LL. That is on the purchase radar!

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