Monday, August 31, 2009

Odds & Ends: Gamescience d30, D&D on DVD, R&R Folder Icon

Here's yet another brief rave about Gamescience dice - without rehashing the information from the YouTube videos (or other blog posts), just look at the difference between a d30 Gamescience creation (above, left) and a standard d30. Obvious even with this crappy phone picture I took. These rule.

I just picked up a relatively cheap (less than $15 with shipping) set of the complete D&D animated series on DVD via and am looking forward to checking it out. Presciently, Wil Wheaton appears on the cover. By the way, the WotC D&D sessions podcast (with Wil and friends) has started up again. I'm not a 4E player, but I do find these recordings moderately entertaining (at least until the combat gets a bit winded).
Finally, here's a Ruins and Ronin folder icon. The PC version is only 48x48 and seems a bit small for any real usage - the Mac version will scale up to 512x512 with no loss of quality. A little fancier than the similar icons I've posted up here before. I'm still going to put together a decent one shot solo adventure using R&R one of these days...


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