Monday, September 7, 2009

Peter Mullen is an Ogre?

I was over at my nephew’s place, and saw the small poster sized print out of Peter Mullen’s ogre I’d given him up on his bedroom wall (above). He loves it! Then he said, “So the ogre’s name is Mullen?” I had to look a little closer at the poster to see where he got that idea. :-)


Anonymous said...

I just found this! That's hilarious!! I love it!! (although with interims coming out next week some of my HS art students are going to be pretty serious about this...)

Thanks! Thats made my day!


ze bulette said...

lol i was hoping you might stumble on this post one day... cheers :)

Ivan said...

Where did you find such a print!? Where can I get one myself?


ze bulette said...

I would buy a host of prints of he'd sell them, but this one was just a self print job.

Ivan said...

Well what on earth is this Mullen character doing?! He's clearly sitting on an untapped goldmine.

I yearn for a copy of this guy:

ze bulette said...

My small shrine:

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