Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Josiah and I paid a visit to the Shrewsbury Ren Faire outside of Corvallis here in Oregon today. I seem to remember more role playing by the faire participants in previous ones I've been to a long time ago, but there were a couple of fun exchanges - when approached by a drunkard with wooden flagon in hand, I asked if he knew where I could find any rats on a stick. To this he responded in a booming and incredulous voice "RATS ON A STICK?!? Well I could certainly point you in the direction of a turkey leg if you've a few quid." Drawing the stares and attention of the nearest forty or so attendees. :-) Josiah was too shy to pose with any knights or rogues, and spurned the attention of the wench or two that spoke to him.

We timed it very nicely, arriving about ten minutes before the jousting and sword fights. Great sparks coming off of that steel! Perhaps a few too many kicks to the groin though...


Aaron E. Steele said...

rats on a stick. priceless.

Rusty said...

Perhaps a few too many kicks to the groin though...No sparks there.

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