Monday, September 28, 2009

A Limerick: The Stirge

Mr. Gygax the demiurge
Happily created the stirge -
It's like a mosquito
Except you're finito
If your paths should ever converge.


Rusty said...

And so you did (take it in a different direction). Very cool. Limericks are like real work and actually take talent.

finito Nice touch.

ze bulette said...


Akrasia said...

Nice! :)

(Although I strongly suspect that Gygax didn't 'create' the stirge wholesale, but rather took the idea of the stirge from Tolkien's "Hummerhorns." I could be wrong, of course!)

ze bulette said...

Yeah, I figured as much but it worked here... also, according to Wikipedia: "Originally presented as a more bird-like creature, the stirge may be derived from the Roman striga, a vampiric owl-like night bird."

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