Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yet Another Torture Chamber

Today I'm recycling a post I made over at the Goblinoid Games forum. Dan Proctor was giving away an extra copy of a Gamerz DVD he had and this was my attempt at a quick grab for it in the contest there. There was a 300 word limit.

I realized while writing this that I may have a deep urge to torture halflings. The vaguely LotR thing going on was intended as just a set up. Well, here it is, with a minor edit or two. Stat blocks are for Labyrinth Lord...
14. (Yet Another) Torture Chamber

It’s immediately obvious that this is a chamber of torture: various implements of pain hang from the North wall. The room is more pungent than others already explored in the dungeon - the odor from the waste of prisoners and blood smeared walls is overpowering. Locked and chained to the Eastern wall are five prisoners - four halflings and a goblin. Three of the halfings are dead, but the fattest still lives and will begin crying loudly, begging for release.

The surviving halfling’s name is Tuttle (AL L, MV 90’, AC 9, HD 1 (4HP), #AT 1 FOR DG 1, SV T1, ML 6). He’s been tortured extensively and is missing a finger, but held up well considering his ordeal and promises a great reward if freed. Released, he will attack and try to kill the goblin with his bare hands, but may also try to retrieve his sword for this purpose if he feels he can get it without being stopped.

If the goblin (”Krok” - AL C, MV 60’, AC 7, HD 1-1 (4HP), #AT 1 FOR DG 1D6, SV F0, ML 6) is released he’ll make an attempt to retrieve the sword and necklace hanging from one of the hooks on the North wall before fleeing the chamber, exclaiming “My ring!” in Goblinoid while doing so. If captured or threatened with death, he’ll offer to lead them out, pointing out pit traps.

A corner holds bloody rags and two suits of halfling sized leather armor. Hanging from a hook on the North wall is a short sword in scabbard and a silver necklace bearing a gold ring. The ring is inscribed in two languages: in common “Wear on your sword hand”; and in an unknown language “Present to your enemy.” It will magically sever the finger it’s worn on after 1d6 rounds (permanent DEX -1, forces weapon drop). Tuttle will claim ownership of it, without revealing that he knows what the ring says or does. It’s worth 200gp.


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