Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Standing Ovation (Magic Spell)

Vince and I were sharing with each other our favorite useless spells from Drago's list, when I asked if he could come up with an original and potentially useful one. Among other things, he's an accomplished actor, so it shouldn't have surprised me when he proffered his spell, "Standing Ovation". With his permission, I've developed it a bit here:

Standing Ovation
Level 1
Duration: 1d4 turns
Range: 240'

The Standing Ovation spell causes humanoid creatures of up to 4 hit dice to stand and begin applauding while looking towards the spell caster. Creatures within an apx. 40' diameter circle can be affected. Paralyzed in the legs and not having control of their arms and hands, creatures of less than 3 HD will shout things such as "More!" or "Again!" believing the spell caster to be an extraordinary source of entertainment, continuing to applaud and shout even if the caster disappears from view. The thoughts and voices of those above 3HD
are not affected in this manner. Attacked creatures cease being affected. Undead are not affected by this spell.
To determine the number of affected creatures:


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