Saturday, July 4, 2009

Odds & Ends - Lulu Discount, Ruins & Ronin, Mullen Shrine

Mike at Sword+1 has released Ruins & Ronin (also available for as a $1 PDF): "Rules for playing OD&D in a Japanese-like setting (based on the 1974 rules with no supplements)." It looks to be a great addition to the OSR based on the beta, so to speak, at the Mythmere Games forums, and most excellent cover art by a personal favorite, Peter Mullen. If you've been putting off buying a number of things at, this weekend's the time - use code "1776" to take $17 off your order of $76 or more. I Bit the Bulette and in addition to Mike D's R&R, got the OSRIC hardcover, Mutant Future, GG's Idol of the Orcs, and a hard copy of Jeff Rient's Miscellaneum of Cinder I'd already bought as a PDF, just 'cos I think it's that rad.

I finally finished the quest for a cleaner office space. It now compares very favorably with the previously posted pics here. I can see the desk! And yeah, there's a little shrine of Mullen artwork. What can I say, that guy rules! In the course of printing out those items, I actually had to upgrade the RAM on my printer, and was shocked to find I somehow had a spare 64mb so-dimm it needed to complete the job that worked just fine.

Lastly, the wifey came up with these three spells/mutant powers a month or so ago that I'd jotted down since they made me chuckle, and thought I'd post here:

• Crossed eyes resulting in fear, confusion, and paralysis in victim.
• Shoot BB's from eyes.
• Teleport to nearest bathroom while stopping time.

Happy 4th!


Al said...

Mullen Shrine! That's awesome! :)

Christopher B said...

Oh, it says "Mullen" shrine! At first read, I thought it said Mullet shrine - I thought, "Now that's just frickin' weird!" :P

Guess it's time to get my lens prescription checked...

Don Snabulus said...

Nothing nerdy here! The 4 CD spools and hard drive stack are just coincidental. :D

Nice work on the cleanup. Moody Minstrel might be interested in the R&R book.

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