Friday, July 10, 2009

Projects in Process

I've considered our current game (although I've called it a campaign, that's not really accurate) to be mostly a way to become comfortable again with the B/X rules and in DM'ing again. I hope to soon have a larger world sketched out and begin writing original scenarios (although I'll probably splice in some pre-published ones). The road map is:

Finish fleshing out the Relics that will lie at the heart of the high politics of man, monster, dieties, and demons. The day to day world will not revolve around these items, but they will help define the relations, goals, and motivations of a large number of powerful entities. I'm excited about the possibilities here, and how it will impact the player characters, indirectly at first and then (hopefully!) via their direct involvement with them.

Many of the deities of this world will be original although obviously they'll have their inspiration in pre-existing pantheons. They will be involved with the world of men in a number of ways, through their spheres of influence, the geography of their worshippers, and through the cycle of time itself - which leads into:

A calendar system - a simplified time system for gaming purposes concerned with the seasons and in which gods themselves may have their own temporal spheres of influence and periods of greater activity. The Relics' magic will in some ways correspond to this system.

World Map - something I've been putting off again and again but that just needs to get done.

That about does it. The glue will be the Relics themselves, the draft of their history's description, powers, and clues to their future involvement in the campaign setting is nearing completion...


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