Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Recent Craigslist Haul: Part 2 - The Modules

This really is my favorite part of the loot from that day. There was a total of fifty or so modules listed here by publisher:

C3, C4, C5, D1-2, D3, DL1, DL3, DL2, DL4, DL5, DL6, DL16, DQ1, G-1-2-3, HHQ1 (2e), I4, L2, MV1 (includes "magic viewer"), N2, S2, S3, UK4.

These are all in VF-NM or M, the ones in bold are still sealed in the original plastic. I was really happy that this was the case with S3 in particular, "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" - one of my top 3 favorite TSR modules.

Role Aids: (Mayfair Games)
705, 710,711,713, 716, 717, 720, 721, 726, 730, 732, 733, 737, 740, 742.
Also all VF-NM, ones in bold are sealed in original plastic.

One adventure book by Game Master Publications entitled "GM5: Rod of Seraillian".

A small heap of Judge's Guild adventures, all in VF-NM shape, no writing, creases/folds etc. - These I'm personally not really familiar with, although I'm sure I've seen one or two on game shelves before:

Lara’s Tower
Glory Hole Dwarven Mine
Dragon’s Hall
Citadel of Fire (staple present on cover, otherwise fine)
The Mines of Custalcon
Operation Ogre
Escape from Astigar’s Lair
Wraith Overlord (still sealed!): Terror Beneath the City State

There's another Judge's Guild item here I'm trying to determine if it's complete, called "Tegel Manor". Big ass map!

Phoenix Games: "The Mines of Keridav" #2550 (unfortunately, writing throughout, otherwise in excellent shape)

and a handful of WotC/RPGA adventures.

Again, I'm hoping to unload some of these on eBay to help fund the purchase of the lot which had to be done as a whole. Anyone interested in anything can contact me directly.


Guy Fullerton said...

The Judges Guild subweb of the Acaeum can help you figure out whether the JG items are complete:

Don Snabulus said...

That title sounds strangely like what Dick Cheney actually did. Nonetheless, it was a good haul.

I would be interested in any 1E D&D modules that you wish to part with after the dust clears (since I am not actively gaming). I can throw an equitable amount your way as you deem appropriate. Email me after the initial rush.

Hamlet said...

What in the world is "HHQ1"?

I've never heard of that 2ed module.

Enlighten me?

ze bulette said...

HHQ1 or Fighter's Challenge, from the back cover: "Fighter's Challenge is a new type of AD&D adventure. It is designed for a Dungeon Master and one player - perfect for very small playing groups, for those times when the whole group can't get together, or for the player who wants his character to earn some extra experience. This adventure will provide hours of excitement for the DM and any warrior or multi-class fighter character of levels 2 to 4." Published 1992.

Hamlet said...

Fighter's challenge? Ah, that one I've got but never bothered looking at the module code.

Not a bad adventure, really, though not great.

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