Thursday, July 16, 2009

An R&R Haiku

I've been following Ken's great D&D (C&C?) inspired haikus over at The Rusty Battleaxe. This, and the arrival of my latest Lulu order made me come up with:

a great battle waged -
the setting sun on the red
ruins and ronin

(Ok, so maybe Mike Davison practically wrote that one for me...

I used to write a lot of haiku for an L.A. newsletter about twenty years ago, and the SF Bay Guardian once published haiku by both my wife and I. Still, there's no competing with some of Ken's gems.


Don Snabulus said...

That's what the Internet is for I think. ;)

Rusty said...

Nicely done. To me the funniest part the RPG haiku is simply the thought of combining beholders with the contemplative zen of haiku.

I've never been a muse before. It's not a prestige class or something, is it?

ze bulette said...

man, I forgot to include dirty begging muses selling pomes for coppers in my last d30 table!

totally with you on the post-modern joy of combining these things. monsters in haiku are really where it's at!

Mike D. said...

Why didn't I think of haiku when I was putting R&R together?!?! I did add one to level 1 of my R&R mega-dungeon.

Good stuff.

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