Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sorting Out the Craigslist Loot Part 1: The Miniatures

I've been going through the stuff I bought a few days ago and putting it into different boxes and piles. I've little interest in most of the miniatures I acquired that day, and hopefully can cover the acquisition of the stuff I'm keeping through auctioning it off on eBay along with some other items (anyone interested can send a message to me via this).

There are four larger items and a host of smaller 25mm figures, all of these appear to be cast in lead and made by Ral Partha or Grenadier.

The larger items are:

Griffin Chariot by Ral Partha (unassembled, unpainted, in original box). This is not a re-release - I see that it's on Amazon for an unbelievable price, and on eBay for considerably less, but still not cheap! I'd sell this for a lot less...

Dueling Dragons by Ral Partha (also unassembled, unpainted, in original box)

Grenadier Dragon Lords "The Invincible Dragon" (as others above)

And a mystery dragon, painted, once partially mounted, and now fallen apart but the pieces all appear present. Anyone know this one?

There are two cases with humanoid miniatures. The first contains a number of unpainted Grenadier and Ral Partha figures (looks like two of them were maybe painted and later stripped), and the second contains much the same only painted.


Chris said...

Your mystery dragon looks a lot like a Dragonlance Dragon Highlord model, probably by Ral Partha.

Good finds. I'm getting itchy painting fingers looking at the unpainted Grenadier/RP figs.

Reese Laundry said...

That does indeed look like part of the Dragonlance line that Ral Partha put out in ~90-91. Should be "Red Dragon of Krynn", if I recall. Nice.

ze bulette said...

thanks guys, it does appear to be the Red Dragon of Krynn by Ral Partha. apparently there's also a vinyl version of this original lead one, or atleast another figure by the same name by a different company.

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