Thursday, July 23, 2009

Illusionist Spell - Horrorshow

Either because of my Gnome Illusionist in Nick’s OSRIC campaign or because I’m looking forward to the (hopefully included?) illusionist class in Dan Proctor’s “Advanced Edition Characters” supplement to Labyrinth Lord, this particular spell popped into my head lately. In retrospect, the previously posted “Standing Ovation” is very much an illusionist spell as well. I’ve really never been a huge illusionist class fan, but for some reason I guess I like it now. Here I have another attempt to bring awareness to the flow of time into the campaign, as well as yet another table to roll on, albeit a small one...who doesn’t like dice tables?!

Illusionist Spell - Horrorshow

Level 4:

Duration: 1/2 rounds/level of the caster, rounded down
Range: 60'

With this spell, the magic user creates a vision in the mind of one target of the most mentally and emotionally traumatic situation it can imagine. For some, this might be a monster attacking them, for others, the horrific death of loved ones, and for another it might be the complete loss of all their possessions. Whatever the particulars of the vision, the effects will
either cause fear or paralysis, based on the judgement of the DM.

Effects of fear induced by Horrorshow: The affected target will flee from the spell caster at full strength for a number of rounds equal to one half the caster’s level, rounded up.

Effects of paralysis induced by Horrorshow: The affected target will curl into a fetal position and and take no activity (even in
self-defense) for a number of rounds equal to one half the caster’s level, rounded up.

In addition, the spell will cause the target to not be able to sleep a period of days (can't restore hp from rest) and suffer the following effects for the same amount of time:


Dan of Earth said...

Oh yes, you can be a gnome illusionist in AEC!

ze bulette said...

hehe - thanks for letting me know Dan, very much looking forward to its release (as you know)!

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