Saturday, July 25, 2009

Labyrinth Lord on the iPod Touch

I'd never bothered to try before, but here it is on the iPod Touch... (just as doable on the iPhone of course): screenshot #1 and #2 from iPod - (the latter in landscape view, held on its side) and photo (zoomable, so decently usable i suppose).

Just in case you ever wondered! I saw Sagaworks Studios on the Goblinoid Games forums checking it out on their Nokia, so thought I might give something like it a try.


Rob Barrett said...

How'd you get the PDF on there?

ze bulette said...

on the iPod Touch side I downloaded and installed a free version of the app "File Aid" and to use it on the computer side I installed for USB xfer as the wifi method wasn't working. there's probably other methods though.

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