Wednesday, April 14, 2010

S&W Session Journal: That's a Whole Lotta Bones

The session began with the resumption of combat (I couldn’t believe we’d ended the game in the middle of combat last time, but must have been about to pass out - sure enough, I found the monster stats with some hit point deductions). The skeletons were destroyed, but the party’s injuries were severe. Continuing through the temple in the only direction they could, they then encountered another group of skeletons. In a sad turn of events, Charles, the teenaged volunteer (son of the harbormaster) had his head nearly torn from his body by one of them, and was killed.

Nothing of substance was found in the newest room, and the party decided to head upstairs and then outside of the temple, where camp was made for two days while they recuperated. They buried the townee, Charles, as best they could. There was no firewood for a pyre. During this time, Agnal the Chaotic cleric had very disturbing dreams. The mists that had escaped from the temple when they'd first unsealed it seemed manifest in them, and swirling images of smoke, fog, or mist seemed to be inviting him to enter them. He awoke with both a sense of dread and guilt, and yet thrill, and felt that he shouldn’t share these dreams with his comrades.

They re-entered the temple and before descending, explored a new ground level room. This was nearly identical to the room in which they’d found a holy book of some kind as well as two animated and unfriendly skeletons. Only this one was devoid of any undead. They took the second copy of the same thick book, and headed down the staircase again.

They soon encountered more skeletons, and this time Wagstaff’s henchman Frederick was severely bitch-slapped by one of them and knocked unconscious. Frayse, the enormous fighter, proved his worth during a retreat where he blocked a door and single handedly dispatched three of the things before his sword got stuck in one and another was able to enter the room. At that point, Wagstaff stepped up and was able to destroy it.

Agnal was very lucky to be able to resuscitate Wagstaff’s henchman Frederick, who is now thinking of switching allegiance to Agnal (after all, he owes him his life). The party again retreated to the surface for rest. They are running low on rations and may have to consider crossing the river and returning to town for supplies in a couple of days.

As usual, I wish our sessions could be longer, but I’m glad to fit in any games at all - tonight’s was only about two and a half hours.


Aaron E. Steele said...

Skeletons are among my favorite monsters. There's never enough time for gaming it seems.

christian said...

I feel you. Aside from Nerd Sunday, most days of the week suck ass.

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