Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cleric, Meet Anti-Cleric

Who else wants one of these? Totally cool, but since it’s the only Center Stage mini I’m interested in at the moment I'll have to see what else they come up with (though the $1.79 price is right I can’t bring myself to pay $6.55 for USPS priority mail shipping). Is this the only 25mm, upside down cross wielding cleric mini ever made?

I’d love to have my pseudo-cross bearing cleric on the table across from this guy... That’s a pretty loud “In your face, Jack Chick rabble!”


Badmike said...

I believe Center Stage minis has an entire line of under $2 minis coming out this year. A lot of them are from old classic molds by 70s and 80s lead miniature makers.

ze bulette said...

I saw that on the S&W forums a while back. They do have a 25mm barbarian for sale now that looks pretty decent too.

christian said...

Maybe it's a Cross of St. Peter meant to symbolize the humility of St. Peter and his refusal to be crucified in the same manner as Christ?

But then again, paint the guy all black and red and it's Slayeriffic!

Either way, those are great minis. :)

squidman said...

Best. Cleric. Mini. Ever!

DMWieg said...

Holy crap,I had both of those minis when I was a kid.

Kiltedyaksman said...

Isn't that one from megaminis?

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