Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OSRIC Session Journal: Re-Outfitting with Coppers

Last night’s session was mostly selling our loot and resupplying. There really wasn’t a ton of it, mostly just enough to resupply ourselves. The chest we’d thrown out the window of the tower in an attempt to break it was not able to be opened to the first place we took it in town, so we had to take it to the town council. There one of the members (presumably a high level thief) was able to pick the lock, although we had to give them a percentage of any coinage inside. Once it was opened, it was found to be stuffed with only copper pieces, but money is money. We were able to buy an additional pair of draft horses with it.

Our killing of the assassin in the booze tent a long while back had apparently been talked about during our absence, and a young man approached the party and requested that we allow him to join us. His name was Gliffik, and he complained about how his mother had shacked up with a man who wasn’t his father and how he was desperate to get out of town, hating it and everyone in it. We decided we could use the fodder, and treated him to a sumptuous meal. Gladric sent Demurarg off with a gold coin to properly bathe and rest a night, and they equipped Gliffik with an expensive suit of chain mail and a small shield. The staff he carried seemed decent enough, but we bought him some darts as he’d used them before and we wanted him to have some cheap missile weapon of some sort. The men spent the night in their own tent in the middle of town, amongst many others.

After taking care of business, they rode back out to the camp near the tower with the new horses, where Ouze and Vadco were waiting. The remaining money was split up, a tidy sum each, but certainly not making them rich. Vadco did some more whining and we called it a night.


christian said...

Let me guess, you bought that poor bastard Giffik a red tabard to go over his chain armor? "Take point Red Shirt, I mean Giffik!"

I love tossing the chest out of the window to break it open. Stuff like that always makes me smile. :)

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