Friday, April 23, 2010

Cave Entrance Photos

I've taken a lot of photos of underground explorations, but regret not having taken more of the openings. Here are a few...

Previously posted, this is from Shasta Caverns. Now unused, it was formerly an access point before a larger entrance was created with dynamite.

A small cave on Maui - the entrance was so overwhelming fetid that I didn't venture in for fear of being overcome by the gases. It probably smelled something like the caves in our games though - stinking of orc, blood, and gods know what else. Not a lot of perspective here - it's about 5' high.

Just inside the entrance to a large lava tube on Maui, once used as a fallout shelter.

I've posted another shot of this one before, the roof collapsed in this tunnel in a cave in northern California. A tree fell in and would be climbable, although there are other easier and larger openings to the cave. In this shot, you can clearly see the two passageways diverging to the left and right. The other photo is here for perspective.

About 15 or 20' into another entrance of the previous cave. Many of the larger stones have been moved to the side at the front.


Unknown said...

These are very inspirational. We definitely need more of these on the web.

ze bulette said...

Glad you found them inspirational. I've been thinking about posting them for awhile, but it was definitely a Kilgore post that prodded me to finally do so.

Tom Fitzgerald said...

Excellent, what risus monkey said. More please. I especially liked the overwhelmingly foetid one.

Jay said...

I took my mom to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit here in town on Sunday which showed the 11 caves in which they were found. Really neat stuff--and well illustrated too with big relief model and of course several table-sized photos.

If it comes to your neck of the woods I'd highly recommend it, if for no other reason that it tells the story of real-life treasure hunting!

Unknown said...

Google Images 'angkor wat' The jungle has taken back a mammoth set of ruins.

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