Monday, April 5, 2010

Castle Garrison Disposition

I've been considering all of the castles in the Dordogne campaign I'm readying for my wife's solo game - there are three within just a few miles of one another of similar size. Two are frequently at war with each other, and I'm trying to figure out troop strengths and staffing. A month or so back, Yhisevil at the OD&D Guild uploaded a file that I thought might be really handy.

Using the Keep on the Borderlands (B2) module, the numbered areas on the map of the keep correspond with color coded, numbered sections on the PDF that contain the levels and numbers of the troops there. These are arranged hierarchically so you can see the chain of command. While the numbers I use might not match up exactly, it's a very helpful template. It also makes seeing how Gygax statted the location very clear, and easier to compare it to other locations that might exist in the game or historically. If you're not a member and don't want to become one just to see this graphic, you can get it here. Thanks again Erin.


James said...

Thanks for posting this!

christian said...

One of the best meals I ever had was cheese, bread, an apple and some sausage under a tree by a castle in France.

Man I wish I were there right now...

Nice post, man.

ze bulette said...

@James, the real thanks go to Erin, but I'm happy to pass along, it definitely seems useful.
@Christian - we should compare Dordogne notes sometime. I spent a good while over there doing masonry on 18th C houses and hitchhiking to various bastides and caves.

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