Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Been Fun

I’ve had a lot of fun updating this blog, which started out as more or less a personal gaming scrapbook of sorts, and has never really become focused as others have. I’m very aware of the huge amount of great many :P gaming blogs (OSR and otherwise) which are better written and more thought provoking, and am humbled by the interest shown here… to date, there have been more than 11,000 unique visitors to the site, with some 25,000+ hits. I hope my enthusiasm for role playing games has been infectious and my posts here at least occasionally entertaining or inspiring for your own game, because I’m not planning on going anywhere!

So… as a symbolic gift back to the community, what does our lucky number 100th follower win*?

A copy of Bruce Galloway’s “The Highest Level of All Fantasy Wargaming” (ha!) and a box of Otherworld Miniatures’ Pig Faced Orcs. Come on down Zanazaz, and claim your prizes. To everyone else, I give you my thanks for playing. Role playing games that is. :)

* Clever gamers note: this is a one time offer, un-following and re-following will not effect your chances of winning. Offer void where prohibited. While supplies last... etc. etc.


Timeshadows said...

Way to go, Zanazaz! :D

Telecanter said...

That's a nice gesture. Keep on keepin' on.

Zanazaz said...

Woot! I never win anything! This is awesome! This really made my day! Thanks ze bulette!

christian said...

I'm 101. What do I get?

Oh right, 101st is the first loser.

Now I made myself sad.


ze bulette said...

awww! if it's any consolation, I threw your WoD supplement into the box with the other stuff for him! lol

christian said...

Well, that's better than using it to scoop up dog poop off the sidewalk, which is how some of my zines have ended their lives. ;)

Barad the Gnome said...

Owning my own copy of Bruce Galloway’s book, I must chuckle every time it comes up in a post. Ha, ha, ha. A badge of geekdom I suppose. Congrats on 100.


Chris said...

I'm 101. What do I get?

I think rats in a cage and an argument over the number of lights is customary... ;)

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