Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Animals Attack! Paper Minis...

Here’s some more paper miniatures. I’m still enjoying making these and becoming a little more proficient at it. This latest set was inspired by a post over at the Society of Torch, Pole and Rope. I sometimes forget in my own games that there are more every day types of monsters too. The DMG encounter tables lists badgers, wild boars, wild cattle/bulls, wild dogs, lions, stags, and wolves, among other things. So in the spirit of the TV shockumentary, I present these cuddly critters.

Some notes: These are all intended to be used with 25mm figures. I compared them to the earlier paper miniatures here and the scale seems pretty close. I wanted to fit them onto my usual 4x6 index cards for the heavier stock, but the larger size of the bear and elk wouldn’t work with the usual 3up format. The larger size bases on the elk and bear fit over a nickel or just under a quarter if you can spare the change. The silhouettes are painted in and reworked public domain images found on the web. You may have noticed a lot of empty white space above the small minis. This is because it’s easier to print them out and fold them when they’re longer (and then trim off the extra if you like) than it is to try to fold a cut out paper that would be 1/3 smaller.


I’ve realized that one of the advantages with paper minis, especially non-color ones like these, is that you can write notes or stats directly on them. I considered putting basic stats on their bases. Also with this latest batch, I started thinking about a game I’d call Zoopocalypse that I could use the minis in… Basically, it’s the end of our world as the animals wake up really smart one day and decide to make the human race extinct. Especially unfortunate is that this happens on the day you visit the zoo, and the escaped monkeys have let all the other animals out of their cages too! Will you make it out alive or will the lions eat your guts and the penguins poke your eyes out?


Telecanter said...

Cool deal. I was actually going to respond to that request too. Just too tired after work lately, have a poor, half-finished tiger on my desktop. Thanks for sharing!

Michael Curtis said...

Thanks, ze! Ask the blogosphere and ye shall receive. Now I'll be set for next time.

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