Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vampire on a Card

I've been wanting to do a three dimensional paper mini and a coffin seemed like a good place to start. Here' s a vampire (Nosferatu) mini and two coffins, fairly close to 25mm and formatted to fit on an index card.

You'll need a sharp knife or razor blade for this one, and it will need to be printed on a heavy stock paper if you don't print it on an index card
and want to make the coffins. The coffins are a little tricky, all the more reason for two on the card, there's a good chance one of them will be a little rough when finished.

After cutting out the design with scissors or your blade, the best way to make the folds is to use a razor or sharp knife to score the fold lines making sure not to cut all the way through the paper (hence the use of an index card or heavier paper).When you're done, the folds will almost make themselves as seen below. After this, the hard part - fold them in, put some glue on the inside flaps, and press the top "door" down onto them, holding and lightly compressing the entire form to keep its shape for ten seconds or so, so the glue will hold.
When you're done you'll have something like what's in the top picture (I did a quick black spray paint job on one of them), assuming you made your dexterity roll. After making enough for a vampire's harem you'll be an expert.


christian said...

Your exacto kinife reminds me of the time I could not sleep and was up at 3am working on terrain. I'm tired, bleary eyed and had a sharp object in my hands. I'm watching MTV (back when it still played videos) and get distracted by Brittany Spears gyrating on the screen. I proceed to stab myself in the knuckle and still have the scar.

Oh well.

I like your coffin and vampires. Much better than a stabbed finger!

Scott said...

This reminds me of a neat Edward Gorey doohickey I have in the garage:

Haven't got around to assembling it, though.

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