Wednesday, April 28, 2010

S&W Session Journal: Grieving and Thieving

The group decided to go back to town and rest. They picked up their camp and went down the hillside to the beach, where they caught the attention of the fisherman by waving their arms about, and were transported across the water again. The fisherman all noticed and whsipered about the conspicuous absence of the teenaged Charles, who died in combat with the skeletons last session.

Once back on the opposite shore at the harbor, the party decided to appoint Agnal the (albeit charismatic) Chaotic to relay the bad news to the harbormaster about the untimely demise of his son. This he did, conveying how he had sacrificed his life nobly in the pursuit of the destruction of evil. While the mother wrung her wrists and wailed, the party decided to quickly take their leave and promptly made their way over to the church and asked to see the abbot there. Although his request was not fulfilled, they had recovered some holy books and presented them to the abbot who handsomely rewarded them 100gp. Even Agnal is relatively flush now.

They then went back to town for provisioning. They first went to a store they’d been to before that had some very expensive and specialized items, before realizing they needed less fancy things and found the general store. They found what they needed there, but were approached by the owner who'd heard about them through the miller, and offered them employment. He relayed how regularly, stock of his was being pilfered from a warehouse back near the docks. He wanted very much to catch the culprits, as he was slowly losing money and going out of business as a result.

The party agreed, and spent the night quietly at the warehouse, on guard for any activity. Sure enough, that evening three individuals entered in the darkness - they were immediately attacked by the group. One of them got away, and two others were slain in combat. Shortly thereafter, one of the party members went to the store owner’s home and asked him to return to the warehouse immediately to see the body evidence. The store owner did so, and recognized one of the would-be thieves as the son of a competitor (the shopkeeper with expensive wares spoken of earlier). They decided to wait until dawn and then immediately fetch the mayor and local constable...


christian said...

Let's hope that fetching the mayor and local constable doesn't result in their deaths, too.


ze bulette said...

(rubbing palms together) heh heh

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