Friday, April 16, 2010

Buckshot Blume Rides Again... Nah I'm Just Billy the Kiddin' Ya

I picked up a 2e first printing (1979) of TSR's Boot Hill on eBay for $8.50 recently. I never owned it, but I did play a session or two as a kid. I mostly wanted to look through the rules again just for old times sake.

The Brawling section looks interesting, though not in a good way. My memories of actual gameplay are gone, but I do remember the included map. Anyone get much mileage out of this?


JDJarvis said...

Yup. Played a few BootHill campaigns over the years. In the last game the ref used the wilderness map a good bit as we were often in need of leaving town with haste.

Unknown said...

We're using the Boot Hill town map for the town in our Weird West game, along with the equipment lists. We're using S&W / OD&D for the base game system and then heavily house-ruling from there.

There's a section in the AD&D DMG that has conversion rules between Boot Hill and D&D. :)

ze bulette said...

@JD - Yeah, that side of the map looks handy. I don't think I ever even left town when I played.

@Stuart - Found your Weird West Adventures podcast. I'm looking forward to listening to it during an evening shift sometime.

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