Monday, May 16, 2011

Witch and Watchers - Free Paper Minis

Hats off to Telecanter for bringing the art of Beatrice Elvery to my attention - some of her work reminds me of Trampier and seems well suited to reproducing as paper minis. I had to squash and edit these a bit from the originals but I like how they came out. The Watchers seem to have especially benefited, becoming more buff and dangerous looking. I'll write these guys up in a day or two, meanwhile here's some inspirational reading.
Formatted for a 4x6" index card, click image below to enlarge or download.


christian said...

Cool article. Looks like a True Fae is stalking the earth in search of new playthings to take back to Arcadia.

Unknown said...

are they glued to pennies?

ze bulette said...

@Buckaroopopcorn: Yep, all the paper minis here are formatted to be mounted on pennies or nickels, depending on their size. I think I made one quarter sized as an experiment but never posted it. It adds some weight and stability.

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