Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hecatha, The Three Headed Witch

In a secluded glade in the lands of the High Druid lives a witch and her two sons. The druid has given them a small cottage and warned the creatures of Marqueyssac to avoid them, for the family has a horrible curse, so powerful that neither the druid nor his associates are able to lift it.

The curse’s effects are obvious - the witch has three heads. As for her sons, they’ve lost theirs completely, though they continue to live. A giant eye finds its place in the center of each of their torsos, and these dart about quickly, never missing the slightest movement.

The witch is known as Hecatha, and her sons she calls Lorb and Morb. Though they have no ears to hear with, they nevertheless do hear their mother and are quick to do her bidding. How the druid came to know the witch and her sons and why he gives them sanctuary is known only to them, but some surmise he may have he found her condition of particular interest because of her split personalities; one of the heads is quite lawful, one very chaotic, and the third diplomatic. At one time the separate heads were able to get along peacefully with one another through the efforts of the central and most neutral one. These days though, the chaotic head dominates the others through her sincere threats to kill herself. The stress and frequency of these threats is slowly eroding Hecatha’s sanity.

Though Lorb and Morb were once human, the curse has given them superhuman strength. They aren’t mindless, but without continual direction from their mother, they tend to sit on the ground and stare at her. They seem quite peaceful in this state, and they’re rumored to be fond of birdsong. Even so, they won’t hesitate to come to the aid of their mother, nor will they delay in the slightest if commanded by her to kill.

Hecatha - Witch 5, HP 16, AC 8[11], Atk dagger d4, Str 9, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 4 (9 if cured, or if you block two of her heads with a hand when looking at her I suppose). Ring of Protection +1, Potion of Healing on her person. Spells: Fear, Fog, Hold Portal, Hypnotize, Mirror Image, Sleep.

Lorb & Morb - HD 2+2, HP 13 and 14, AC 8 (a natural 20 blinds them), Atk 1 (fists for d6), Special: Can’t be surprised, immune to Sleep. If both brothers successfully hit the same target on the same round, they will attempt to tear it apart - no to hit roll required, 2d6 damage per round, Save (with STR modifier) to escape their clutches. They will cease attacking if their mother is killed and literally cry themselves to death over her.


christian said...

Man, that is radical! I la la love it. I especially like the rendering attack!

Srith of the Scrolls said...

I like 'em. I might have to borrow them. I wonder why the curse came about?

ze bulette said...

Thanks guys, I thought it might be a lot of fun role playing these.
@Elbuagnin: The cause of the curse...yes, most curious!

Barad the Gnome said...

Very creative, nicely done.

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