Sunday, May 1, 2011

Have some Ghoul Monkeys

I've always liked the ghoul monkey from the Monsters of Myth book, so I made a paper miniature of it. Click the thumbnail below to view in your browser or download. Formatted for a 4x6" index card.


christian said...

Do ghoul monkeys throw poo like the real live ones?

ze bulette said...

Only after they eat your entrails.

christian said...

Sweet mercy, I like it! Naughty monkey! Those are /my/ guts, not yours!

Jensan said...

Hmm, "Big Ass Ghoul Monkey"...since we're talking about monkeys here, I presume that's an accurate anatomical description...?

Good work!

Billiam Babble said...

These look great - and much easier to assemble than many other card figures. Maybe this is a really good way to preserve old game art (and new old-style art ;) )

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's just freaky cool!
I love me some monkeys and Ghouls are just a must... but Ghoul Monkeys, now you have like the most awesome creepy critters ever to haunt the dreams of men! haha

KUDOS! That's too damn cool!

ze bulette said...

@Jensan: Good catch. I've always pictured ghoul monkeys as more like ghoul baboons I suppose. Even when they're running away...the horror.
@Billiam: Thanks - I like to keep them simple.
@retrorpg: I appreciate your intense enthusiasm!

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