Sunday, May 29, 2011

Had a dream, I wanted to sleep next to plastic.

So last night I had this dream that I was standing in a kitchen, looking into a dining room where an evil wizard was standing and preparing to attack me. I summoned an earth elemental and it entered the dining room from a side entrance to attack the wizard. The wizard had to turn his attention to it in order to fend off its attacks.

I seldom have any crazy fantasy dreams like this; what’s most interesting to me about it was a small detail that seemed insignificant relative to the action. It seems that I was manipulating a small piece of clay, forming it into the shape that I wished my earth elemental to take on. This sort of makes sense as I often fiddle with silly putty during my actual games, sometimes slapping it onto old Judges' Guild artwork and stretching it into outrageous faces before showing them to a player. Yes, yet another reason why JG rocks - low-fi newsprint, ftw.

The whole thing makes me think about my previous post here about unconsciously creating monsters. I’ve never thought about the material components of a Conjure Elemental spell, nor about what one would do with them, but this dream seems to have brought some unconscious thoughts to the surface. But to what end? I have no idea! Maybe to no end - maybe just to remind me that they're there, and more in charge than I know. My players are all low level and it will be ages (if ever) that they’re able to cast a spell like that. I mean, really. Weird fantasy.


Trey said...

Interesting. Hopefully, it's not a prophetic dream. ;)

I think it all demonstrates the sort of resonance of material components, explaining why their common in folklore and myth. It's unfortunate their typical ignored in rpgs because they can be a hassle to remember.

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