Wednesday, May 4, 2011

S&W Sessions Journal: Halfwit Halfling

A new character was rolled up at the start of the last session to replace the dead Agnal. Here’s the result of the 3d6 in order method we use: Str 3 Int 7 Wis 13 Con 8 Dex 9 Cha 11. We laughed, and then struggled a bit to come up with a decent back story for the character. Eventually we agreed that the freshly blinded Kitoth had sent a message to his family, explaining his situation and requesting some kind of help. Instead of the younger cousin he’d hoped would come to his aid, his family had decided instead to hire a weak and rather stupid halfling to send in his place.

There was a successful expedition to the abandoned castle (no deaths or dismemberments thankfully) and this time the party kept the carcasses of the fire beetles they’d skewered to show to their employer, Stebbins. They also looted a couple of books from an old library. One of these looked of possible greater value, and they read short passages to the blind ex-magic user as best they could. Kitoth told them he believed the book had something to do with fortunetelling.

Back at the Inn, they relayed that they’d mostly cleared out the ground floor of unwelcome men and monsters, and were looking for a way into its dungeon. Stebbins was very happy with the beetles and taking Wagstaff aside, he showed him how to cut out the bioluminescent glands from their undersides. He gave Wagstaff a couple of these, and also a sack of gold and a key that he said might come in handy.

There was a lot of carousing in town that night and the next day the party went out to the old castle. On the way, they heard the strange sobbing sounds in the woods again. They stormed through the underbrush in the direction that it came from, but all they found were some days old wolf tracks. They went back in the castle and wandered around trying to see if they’d missed anything.

In one room, they found a trapped chest, which Wagstaff failed to detect. Fortunately he made his saving throw and its noxious vapors evaporated harmlessly around him. The chest was empty, but Pikmit and Skithath thought it looked valuable by itself. Kitoth suggested he and Pikmit carry it so that he could render at least some kind of service to the rest of the party. Eventually, they re-located a locked metal door that had earlier stymied them and were able to open it with their new key.


christian said...

Wagstaff has been around for quite a while hasn't he? He's a mage, right? Is his blindness permanent?

ze bulette said...

Yeah, he's the 2nd level guy - a thief. He's been very lucky. Kitoth is the blind one, formerly a magic user. His blindness seems pretty permanent so far. ;)

christian said...

Oh dear! Haven't there also been a few, poor limbless bastards as well?

ze bulette said...

It's been a very old school Death & Dismemberment type of game...the PCs are usually (hilariously) miserable.

DaveL said...

seriously? D6's in order?? Is this some sort of nerd vow? Are you a fundamentalist nerd? c'mon, man, WTF??


ze bulette said...

Yes Dave, that's how we roll. You might be surprised at how many of us still do!

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