Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marwencol on Netflix

Thanks to the Kiltedyaksman for pointing this out a while back. I noticed Marwencol was now available on Netflix via streaming and watched it a couple of weeks ago - recommended.
"After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a bar, Mark builds a 1/6th scale World War II-era town in his backyard. Mark populates the town he dubs "Marwencol" with dolls representing his friends and family and creates life-like photographs detailing the town's many relationships and dramas. Playing in the town and photographing the action helps Mark to recover his hand-eye coordination and deal with the psychic wounds of the attack. When Mark and his photographs are discovered, a prestigious New York gallery sets up an art show. Suddenly Mark's homemade therapy is deemed "art", forcing him to choose between the safety of his fantasy life in Marwencol and the real world that he's avoided since the attack."


christian said...

I thought this was such a moving trailer. The movie was good?

Spawn of Endra said...

I watched it last week, and while at first you think it might lean into a Forrest Gump / Rainman "inspirational" pity-the-cripple story, it goes deeper and deeper into this guy's life and work and there's none of that sort stuff. Far more complex and interesting than that. Definitely watch it.

(And there's a sideways indictment of hipsterism and ironic distance towards the end that made me say Amen.)

ze bulette said...

@Christian: Actually, Spawn of Endra took the words out of my mouth. In the beginning I wasn't sure how much empathy I was mustering for the guy, but as more of the story came out it totally had me. There's a bunch of positive reviews here.

Telecanter said...

I recommend it.

Dangerous Brian said...

I have to see this. You've gotta admire the guys dedication.

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