Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seastalker: Maps for a Superhero or Secret Agent Game

Infocom's 1984 game "Seastalker" has some nice maps and graphics included that could be easily adapted to a superhero or secret agent rpg such as Top Secret. I found these tonight after taking down a box filled with old Infocom manuals and floppies. I don't have a Mac Classic to run these on, but they're all available for download in the z-machine format for use with an interpreter (on OS X, I like Spatterlight). This particular Infocom title seems a great introduction to interactive fiction for a kid - although I wonder how well today's kids would respond to this kind of computer game, considering the graphics and sound capabilities they're more familiar with... I'll have to see what my nine year old nephew thinks sometime.
More here and here.


Unknown said...

Sweet maps! I've been getting an itch to run a 60's super-spy game and these may be just what I need.

Sean Robson said...

Cool stuff! The great thing about espionage games is that there are so many 'yoikable' resources.

Trey said...

Some of those could have use in a fantasy game, too. At least a weird fantasy one.

ze bulette said...

@Risus: They're very 60's, aren't they?

@Sean: Very true. I was considering posting a bunch of nuke plant cutaway maps for inspiration but another OSR blogger whose name I forget beat me to it!

@Trey: The air supply here, for example, could be easily converted to a domed station on Mars. Or elsewhere. Yep.

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