Thursday, March 3, 2011

FLGS Video Walk Through: Heroes Haven in Roseburg, OR

I was in Roseburg on business a couple of days ago and thought I'd check out what it had in the way of game stores. I couldn't find the first one I looked for (bad Google directions or out of business now I think), but I did find Heroes Haven. It's probably 3/4 comics, but there's an excellent selection of games and miniatures too. The owner was very friendly and willing to be on video sharing some of his thoughts as a store owner. I still have to go over what I shot and see if there's anything I can salvage, it's nearly impossible to shoot steady with something as small as an iPod, even with image stabilization added afterwards.


Porky said...

The best vid I've seen in a couple of days. Three minutes well spent. I was wondering why the music, then I saw the sign. Good argument, but I think it could be turned to evil with no great trouble..!

Carter Soles said...

Nice! Spotted on old bagged copy of OGRE in there, and all those WHITE DWARFs! Bad ass.

ze bulette said...

@Porky: Yeah, hopefully Brett likes Iggy Pop. ;)

@Carter: I picked up some of Dynamite's new Warlord of Mars books but was actually tempted by that OGRE. And Toon of all things.

Telecanter said...

Good job. Wish I had a place like that round here.

I actually have Toon. I think there might be an interesting article about it being an early story game.

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