Thursday, March 24, 2011

S&W Sessions Journal: Surgical Strike

Last night’s highlight was definitely the rot grubs - the idea of immersing the infected limb in fire didn’t occur to the party. Instead, a Day of the Dead moment happened, with the cleric casting cure light wounds as a porter held the infected henchmen down and a PC hacked the limb off. It didn't come off on the first blow, but with a natural 20, the limb sailed across the floor and the man was saved, although at the loss of his left arm.

There was some good fun in dice rolling and role playing this out, but in the end, the party wound up in a tougher situation… Earlier they’d only halfheartedly looked for additional help. They'd decided against hiring another porter who was practically begging for employment as their blind ex-magic user's aid, before departing again for the ruinous castle. Now they’ve got a blind man and a one-armed henchman.

They hightailed it back to the Turnapeak Inn. I guess it could’ve been worse.


Trey said...

A critical surgical hit! ;)

christian said...

Ha! That is such an awesome session recap!

ze bulette said...

@Trey: Damn, that was the post title I was looking for! Screw it, I'm redoing it.

@Christian: I can't believe I was able to write it down last night... Time for a big greasy breakfast.

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