Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Brief Interview with a Game Store Owner (Video)

Brett White is the owner of Heroes Haven in Roseburg, OR. He describes himself as primarily "a comics guy" who happens to sell games as well. On a recent visit, he kindly agreed to be recorded, sharing some of his thoughts on the current game market and its history.


Kilsern said...

Excellent interview. I agree with Brett about Magic The Gathering. It was a mixed blessing for those on the retail side of gaming. For me, just as a straight up gamer, I never got into it. I always viewed MtG as "crack" for role players: a quick addictive fix that ultimately never really did the trick. I also am curious what will happen with the current split amongst D&D players (D&D4/Pathfinder/and I would throw in all the various retro-clones in the mix). Where will it take the penultimate game? Good job here. I like hearing viewpoints from those in my hobby and a retail perspective is refreshing.

ze bulette said...

Thanks Kilsern - I hadn't originally intended to interview him, but once we started talking I realized there might be some things he'd say that my fellow bloggers would find of interest.

bliss_infinte said...

Great video and very interesting. I chatted with a comic owner who also carries WOTC D&D 4th ed. here in Tucson. He's always been apprehensive about the gamer market but over the Holidays he dove into the 4ed red box and the starter sets and was pushing them and they were selling. That was before WOTC's dropping of their mini line and not knowing quite what direction they're going with D&D I think it's leaving things up in the air at the shop.

Thanks for posting the video.

Loquacious said...

I'll be passing this on to TheDude to see what he thinks kind of a comparison/baseline thing. We're always eager to talk to other owners, it helps us figure out what works and what doesn't.

Thanks for posting!

-C said...

Thank you for doing this.

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