Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loot from St. Vinnie's

I picked up a couple of cheap Mary Stewart books from the second-hand store, as well as some old Dark Horse Conans for a buck each. The comics are ok but they really make me appreciate my Savage Sword compilation even more.

I’d made a quick stop there on a hunch I’d find something Doug Easterly had posted about over at his blog: a Magic Eightball, from which I could harvest the twenty sided “die” inside with various fortunes on its faces. My wife was along and skeptical, but I never lost faith that they’d have one. They did, for another buck.

My idiot mistake was not thinking that I could simply huck it at the concrete in my driveway to extricate the thing. Oh no. The mistake was not first putting it into a plastic bag before doing so. Because you see, on the second attempt it did indeed dislodge the transparent plastic lens, allowing the die to exit. It also let loose the watery, blue-dyed oil which (though some got on my shoes) mostly ended up all over the carport and my wife’s car. Fortunately it wasn’t permanent, although I had bank robber hands for the rest of the day.

Here’s a picture of the little bastard:I think I got the cheap, later version.

Rubbing alcohol cleaned it up pretty well - I’ll repaint it to make the text easier to read. I plan on it using it when a superstitious porter occasionally takes out his “sticks of telling” to see what they say.


James said...

Awesome! I must find one now!

Christian said...

Oh man, I wish you had video of the explosion. That would have been epic!

Doc Grognard said...

>The comics are ok but they really make me >appreciate my Savage Sword compilation even more.

Those are the best, aren't they ? I've got the first four or five and they invariably get me all fired up to run some old style D&D.
The Gil Kane one with the city policed at night by wandering cannibal bands ? Wow. Now that's an encounter .

Now, thanks to your post, I need to go read some of them.

Word capture: ingsjam. Swedish raver punk band.

Chris said...

Oh no. The mistake was not first putting it into a plastic bag before doing so.

Pah! That is not the rock'n'roll way we have come to expect of ze bulette.

+1 on SSOC love. They are *proper* comics.

Unknown said...

Yeah, this had viral youtube written all over it. Awesome idea and hilarious misadventure.

Taketoshi said...


I bet one could probably pick up used 8-balls in large numbers and do resale on the harvested oracular d20s if they were so inclined...there's got to be a novelty market out there for em.

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