Wednesday, December 1, 2010

S&W Sessions Journal: A Groom and a Cave

At the start of the last session, the party learned more about popkin fairies while dining at a tavern inside the keep. They hadn’t realized that in some parts of the valley it was actually illegal to hunt popkins, and they all sat up straight when they learned that the Druid of Marqueyssac sometimes posted rewards for the capture of poachers on what he considered to be his domain.

Wagstaff still intended to lead the party with their new men-at-arms hirelings back to the cave where Agnal thought he had detected goblins. This time they’d also be accompanied by a new PC - the chaotic magic user Kitoth, as well as a single, spastic porter named Skithath. With some whiskey in their DM, the players were treated (or perhaps mistreated) to a few exchanges with me speaking in character and with an accent. I hope the porter survives, I look forward to being able to play him from time to time. Wagstaff’s player found him very tedious, but Gulch hired him as a groom and enjoys the fawning.

It was a classic session, one that some players might find boring or cliched, but we haven’t had any dungeoneering in a long while so I think we all enjoyed it. There were a couple of goblin battles with the new magic user showing his worth, and Agnal finally has a god and can use some magic now that he’s 2nd level (he settled on Corrno, a minor god of thieves from The Unknown Gods). There was very little treasure recovered, but enough to keep them housed and fed again in town and to pay for their retainers. With some wounds to attend to, they returned safely to the keep.


christian said...

"Spastic porter" is the funniest thing I've read all day! Sounds like a great session. :)

2eDM said...

spastic porter . . . all I can picture is Nodwick shaking like a chihuahua and the PCs telling him to switch to decaf or making "shaken not stirred" jokes.

Loquacious said...

I love adventures where I earn just enough to take care of immediate needs but absolutely nothing else of any value. sounds like a good time

Clovis Cithog said...

I now respect the concept of 1st level clerics not being able to cast spells. This allows the DM to create an army or mob of followers/ minions / cultists that are devote in their belief, but only slightly better than zero-level NPCs.

In my game world, I would call such characters 'initiates' - upon obtaining 2nd lever ('brother or sister') the character would learn to cast his first spell.

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