Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Rusty Battleaxe's Beer Ooze

Beer Ooze

HD: 1 (d6)
MOVE: 10'
AC: 10
ATTACKS:Slosh (1d2)
SPECIAL: Nausea; Intoxication
INT: Animal
TYPE: Ooze
XP: 10 + 1

Beer ooze forms when barrels of beer are stored for exceedingly long periods near magical locations. They appear as foamy puddles on the floor near kegs or barrels of beer.

Combat: A beer ooze will attack those who come close to it. It has the ability to form appendages that slosh its opponents for 1d2 in damage.

Nausea: The beer ooze has a nasty odor that causes nausea in those creatures with a sense of smell. Creatures coming within 10’ of the beer ooze must make a constitution saving throw or be stricken with nausea for 1d4+1 turns. The nausea causes a 1d4 temporary loss of dexterity and a penalty of –4 on all attack rolls.

Intoxication: A successful attack by a beer ooze has the potential of causing intoxication in its opponent. The victim must make a constitution save or "suffer" slight intoxication. A slightly intoxicated opponent who is struck again and fails her constitution saving throw will become moderately intoxicated and a moderately intoxicated opponent will become greatly intoxicated upon a saving throw failure. A greatly intoxicated opponent will become comatose when struck by a beer ooze attack and failing her saving throw.

I was a fan of this creation and thought it deserved a re-post so it didn't become extinct (The Rusty Battleaxe's original post is now long gone and the google cache dead.)


christian said...

In college I used to "suffer" from intoxication all the time.

satyre said...

"Suffering" for art is a fine and noble tradition.

Trey said...

I don't know if I'd call light intoxication "suffering." :) But then I've never faced a beer ooze either--that I can recall.

Pontifex said...


Christopher B said...

Now leave it to some RBDM to subject his players to an encounter with a beer ooze followed by an encounter with a liquor ooze. ;D

Higgipedia said...

Mmmmmmmm... Stale Beer Monsters... You could certainly plus up some defenses as you move from light beer to lagers to ales to stouts.

You don't want to see the stats for a Tactical Nuclear Penguin Ooze.

BigFella said...

Just steer clear of the Gelatinous Shots and you'll be okay...

Kristian Cee said...

This is the sort of monster I kept waiting to encounter when I cut my teeth on CRPGs with Bard's Tale way back. This is the sort of demented creation that just cries out to be used ASAP.

Aaron E. Steele said...

I miss Rusty. Thanks for the repost of one of his creations!

Miranda said...

One might say it was a...


I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.

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