Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do-It-Yourself D10

Our video chat game was canceled tonight due to a player’s hard drive failure, so I had some time to goof around and made another paper die. I’d been thinking about how to make a d10 - definitely harder than my previous paper d8. I decided to make it a little larger than normal for ease of cutting and folding. It had to have 5 tabs to hold it together decently (the d8 only took 3) and I think the extra weight of these might have reduced its accuracy. It still did pretty well on a quick comparison test of 100 rolls:
Incidentally, greetings visitors from Metafilter, I see there was some interest in a picture I linked to quite a while back of a Gelatinous Cube. You might keep an eye on this seller on eBay if you’re interested in one or two of your own - cheap too. A big thanks to Bliss Infinite for pointing them out, I picked up a couple before they sold out and they’re killer (pic below).


Loquacious said...

so neat!

Cronickain said...

See Paper really does beat dragon

Anonymous said...

I found a silicone ice cube mold that makes 2" ice cubes, on Amazon:

By default the sides would be flat, but you could use a clamp to put pressure on the sides and thus distort the cubes.

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