Friday, December 17, 2010

Unengraved Gamescience Dice

After reading all the answers to Cyclopeatron’s query, I thought I’d give Gamestation a call to ask them something I’d been wondering about recently: Are there now or have there ever been Gamescience dice available that weren’t engraved? I first thought of this after making my little paper d8 the other day and being surprised at its accuracy. Why, I thought, aren’t there polyhedrals that are pipless/without engraved numbers if pipless casino dice are so esteemed for their random results?

Jay at Gamestation says they’re in the process of retooling and that they expect to have a full set of unengraved Gamescience polyhedrals at some point next year. They currently carry unengraved d10’s which are only available in the translucent gem design. These aren’t listed on the website or advertised anywhere but can be bought in quantity. If I heard him correctly, he also said that Gamescience produced a number of unengraved sets at one point in time and included stickers with them that you could use in lieu of marking their sides, and that they still have some of these.

I’m kind of curious to run some tests on an unengraved die of theirs but since I haven’t yet decided if I can make a decent d10 out of index card paper, I’m not in a rush. :)

Update: Edited to read less like an advertisement for Gamestation..


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