Monday, December 6, 2010

B2 Shunned Cavern and Minotaur Caves Maps and Note Cards

Continuing my chopping up of B2 into mini-adventures on index cards, here's the Shunned Cavern (area G) and the Caves of the Minotaur (area I) again formatted for ye olde 4x6's. Since these are especially small maps, I put two of them onto the same PDF. If you can use these or like the idea, you might also be interested in Fenway5's recent "Pocketful of Peril" posts. As usual, click the image above for a closer look or to download the PDF.


Kent said...

Little beauties.

christian said...

On a somewhat related note, dividing the dungeon up into encounter areas would really work for 4e, which lends itself to encounters and tight, focused melees.

Not that I do that kind of thing (4e), but I'm just sayin'.

Game on!

Akrasia said...

Cool idea! I did something very similar when I last ran B2 five years ago (i.e., I 'broke up' the Caves of Chaos, and spread them out over a wider region).

Great minds and all that. :)

netherwerks said...

Neat idea!

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