Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cave Entrances Photos II

In an earlier post, I put up some examples of cave entrances for whatever inspiration they might provide. Here's another batch - these are all from our recent "CaveCon" in the lava beds of northern California. They're very different from the caves typically found back East or in most of Western Europe. They're more jagged looking both inside and out because of the lack of limestone, water, and acid to aid in their erosion.

Telecanter poses for scale.

Halfling silhouette.

The cave on the left immediately recalled B2's "Come in - We'd like to have you for dinner!" sign outside the hobgoblin lair.

Josiah cautiously inspects this entrance from above.

The sun bleached, dried out tree limbs could almost be mistaken for bones.

The entrance to Skull Cave was the largest of any we visited.

An unknown cave entrance we didn't explore.

The entrance to Sunshine cave, where we did most of our gaming.

Another view of the same entrance.


Gabriel said...

Did you actually gamed IN one of those caves? Cool..

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to go and I lost a body part! It does look like terrible fun.

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