Sunday, June 27, 2010


Apologies to anyone who might have followed the RSS feed looking for an article about Futurama (it was basically a post whining about how new episodes were out and it was on that night, but I was going to miss them since I've canceled our TV service). I figured nobody wanted to hear about what I wasn't watching on television and pulled it.

Having said that, I'll go ahead and tell you what I've been watching on the tube lately anyway - soccer and baseball. These and other things have kept me away from the blog and gaming a bit. Hopefully in a couple of weeks my regular S&W and OSRIC games will start up again. I'm also hoping to do some gaming via Skype with Telecanter to finish the adventure we started in the caves, and I've been doing a little work on my wife's Dordogne campaign setting.

Kobold Quest is exactly the kind of distraction I uncover when researching something for my game or a post here. You might like it if you're nostalgic or a fan of ancient, top down ascii computer games. You play the part of a kobold, laying traps for adventurers seeking to invade your cave and exterminate you. How could that not be fun? The kobold sounds remind me of Zak's goblin noises.


Aaron E. Steele said...

I wanted to here what you weren't watching ...


ze bulette said...

lol i know, i saw

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